Stump Grinding in South Jersey
South Jersey Stump Removal

We provide South Jersey Stump Removal and Stump Grinding Services in the Burlington County NJ area. When grinding stumps we'll grind 6" to 8" below grade if you want to grow grass or kill the stump. We'll grind about 18" below grade if you want to replace the tree or plant in the stump location. We have small self-propelled stump grinders that are light, so there is no damage to your lawn or property, but heavy enough to handle any size stump. We even have a stump grinder that's narrow enough to fit through a 36" gate.

If you wish to grow grass or place topsoil down in the old stump area, we handle the stump grinding as part of our Landscaping services. After we grind the stump the ground will be flat, and after new grass has grown you won't even know a tree was there! We make all arrangements with utility companies to have the area marked out if required, so that no damage is done to underground utilities.

Stump Removal South Jersey
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