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Tree Removal

We are a South Jersey tree removal service, providing tree removal, tree pruning, and tree trimming in South Jersey. We provide tree removal services in South Jersey for both residential and commercial customers, including both bucket work and tree climbing work.

Tree Removal South Jersey | J.M. Tree & Landscape Service, LLC

We haul wood away unless the customer prefers to keep it, and we can cut it up to your desired length. We can low cut the stump, leave it your desired size with a flat cut if you would like to put a planter on it for decor, or grind the stump upon request.

Our South Jersey Tree Services

Ropes are used to lower wood to the ground, minimizing any possible damage to your property.

José, the company owner, is the only bucket truck operator, leaving only the most experienced tree professional up in the air.

Why is Tree Removal Important for Your South Jersey Property?

Tree Removal Helps Prevent Property Damage

The danger of dead, dying or sick trees is that they have a risk of falling. It is impossible to know what is happening on the inside of the tree without cutting into it. This always makes climbing dead trees more dangerous, as the tree can have unknown weak spots anywhere!

If a tree breaks (splits) or has branches fall during a heavy rain or windstorm, you are risking damage to your property. The best way to deal with dead or dying trees is to have them safely removed.

Tree Removal Can Save Other Trees Around It

While it can be heartbreaking, sometimes tree removal is necessary because a tree is sick, dying, or dead.

When trees become infected by certain diseases or illnesses, it is possible and likely that they will spread illness to trees in close proximity. By removing the tree, you actually help to control the spread of the disease that is killing off your trees.

While you may not want to remove a tree on your property, it is important to also consider the safety of your family members walking around your property daily, as well as your home and things around your yard (garage, vehicles, etc.)

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Tree Removal South Jersey | J.M. Tree & Landscape Service, LLC
Tree Removal South Jersey | J.M. Tree & Landscape Service, LLC
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